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Never too Late

Here we are all ready in 2018. As the years go buy I am finally following my heart. I love drawing and creating. I try to fit in to my hectic lifestyle. It seemed impossible. My blog was where I was able to keep my creative side going while raising four children so close in age. I spent today trying to get my website back going. I lost something when my website broke and never got fixed. Life took over and somewhere between homework and laundry it got buried on my to do list and never made it to the top. This year I am going to dig it out. I want to get back to that place where I am doing custom orders creating and fitting it in my life again. Everyone has there "thing". For some it is knitting or gardening or reading a good book. Me it is sketching and completing a drawing. Makes me feel balanced. It transforms all things and relaxes me all the while invigorates me. Once completed I love posting my finished piece. So without further ado here is my first girl of the season "Winter moments in the mountains". I am excited to start painting personal pieces again. Look forward to my next piece.

I am also tackling a intensive five month illustration course to add to my portfolio. It is amazing how coming out of my comfort zone allows the work to emerge. Hoping to keep up the rhythm and add new work more frequently. I also am trying to take on some custom orders while building up my site. Reminding myself instead of dwelling how I lost so much time it is never too late to dive in. Hope you join me for my journey.

Jenn Smith

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