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Butterfly Mother Nature

The quarantine had begun. All four kids were homeschooling. I was anxious and unsettled in this new normal. I did what I do when things feel uncertain I go to something familiar and relaxing. For me it is drawing. I rearranged my art supplies. Found time to finally get my website published. I added some fresh new art to my Society 6 shop. I even reached out to the public to offer commissioned pieces. I also did what every one else I felt was doing 24/7. I would scroll through my phone read covid updates feel worried anxious. I would watch tv news then stop watching tv news. I did watch tiger king and alot of Netflix. I came across the call for artist from the Westfield art association in one of my phone scrolling attempts.

I have seen these sculptures that artist have done before. Cows and horses in Pennsylvania. This one was for a butterfly. You would sketch your idea and enter. If I was back to shuffling four kids in four different directions I prob would of wanted to enter but never got to it. This time groceries were being delivered (two immune compromised kids) we were all home and we all had no where to go. I went for it. Painted my idea and submitted. (Spoiler alert I got in and I am number 13 on the map below)

My concept was Mother Nature. To me a butterfly is rebirth a metamorphosis or revealing the beauty that was there all along. It is a miracle just like watching a Flower bloom. I went through my sketch book came across mushrooms I was doodling and started my sketch. Viola I had my front piece put together rather quickly. There is another side to this sculpture and I finally came upon a idea that I think ties in well. The Earth was the theme so I decided to depict the four elements. Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. I wanted to keep it whimsical and fun and I hope people enjoy it. This butterfly project gave me more than I thought. In a time of uncertainty where my family was hit personally by the pandemic. It gave us joy, it gave a role reversal. My family was cheering me on that I could do this. I was no longer on the sidelines offering encouraging words to my kids. They were telling me I could do this. Wow Mom I like how that looks. I thank the Westfield arts committee for offering this beacon of hope to me. I have been really touched by the outpouring of support. I still am taking personal commissioned pieces. I love the range of projects I am doing.

I also updated my society6 shop with some of my butterfly art I did and you can find my products for sale there.

This project has made me wanting to start painting small pieces of furniture for unique pieces.

Years ago I redid a dresser for my daughters room. After the butterfly project I am now going to do some unique small pieces to sell. I am at the. moment doing personal portrait pieces. I love how this butterfly just added another metamorphosis of me as a artist. Hope you enjoy my art and it brings you the same joy it has me. Hope to be able to continue commission pieces for the community visit Message me for a commission piece.

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