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Houses, Halloween and kind deeds

It is nearing the end of October. As I continue to keep as much normalcy as I can with my family there is a strangeness still in the days. I have decorated our house and hoping to keep the holiday spirit going as much as I can. I am overwhelmed at the community reaching out finding joy in my home portraits. Every week I have a new home to do and every Friday a new home to post. I spent this weekend putting all the houses I did on my website. It is amazing how many I completed. I still am so blessed with the requests I get. I also contributed to painting a pumpkin for the town. I decided to do a haunted house since I have been on the house kick lately. My daughters reminded me that I do more then houses and I do love drawing lots of different things. She has made me get back to my other art as well. I did a witch for her on the other side of the pumpkin. Oh how my children keep teaching me. She was right I love doing the houses they are fun and I am so grateful that the requests keep coming in. I also love designing for products and doing my girly art as well. I will be doing some prints for my Society 6 shop (Mygirlyart).

My oldest daughter really loves soccer. Her coach learned over the summer she saved up her bday money to pay for a lesson for a hour with her she was so touched. We were one of the many families hit hard by covid. There was no big balloon display no millions of amazon gifts coming to our house. We have learned a good lesson of what's really important and to be grateful for what we have. My daughter turned ten July 23. She got bday money from a aunt and spent it on a one hour soccer lesson. I couldn't spend the money on lessons every week and she was happy to have her one private lesson. Her coach reached out to me and said she couldn't believe how she spent her own bday money and she wanted to give her another lesson as her gift to her for her bday. When life gives you blessings and people reach out I do not forget that. Her coach recently moved into her first house. I finally found a way to repay her. She wasn't looking to be repaid for the lesson but I thought I am so happy to give her home portrait of her new home.

Kind deeds they do exist and kind people do exist. I plan on living my life with my own news headlines. "Coach made ten year old girl so happy by arranging a special coaching session with her". Her kind deed was one that impacted the whole family. I believe what you put out in the world you will get back in return. This community has given me so much by reaching out to me at a difficult time. Every home portrait I do is really done with love and care. I hope that everyone experiences kind deeds in these unusual times.


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