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Life has been well to say the least complicated these days. A lot of opinions and views and views flying around the internet a click away. I woke up to four children who the world has literally been turned upside down yet they have a internal optimism instilled in their little minds. I hope that me and their dad have instilled these values. "Mom look on the bright side of things." Whatever situation is handed your way look for the good. The good is always there and it is my job to wade through the noise and look for the good. That is how I am living these days.

This pandemic has made me put myself out there like never before. It has tested my family in uncertain times financially, emotionally and just down right scary. I have been emotionally tested and decided to leap forward without doubt. The universe responded and so did some dear friends. I decided to post to my community my skills of a artist to do commissioned pieces. Not just my Facebook friends but a community website for my town. I have been working on my art on my own terms hidden from the world and I would post here and there as time would allow. My youngest told me well this pandemic has really got you going on your art. (Finding the good in this time)

My first commissioned piece is of three sisters. The mom has seen my art before and has mentioned through the years (our children went to the same schools) I would love for you to draw my girls. I smile and say I just don't have the time. Which was true I never had the time (Four kids all a year apart time is not a luxury). I was lucky to get through the week of a hundred obligations and sneak my sketchbook to my kids soccer practice and try to finish a piece. My website was a work in progress that got left behind but I finally had time to get something out there. This time when I posted my new website I wrote I would do commission pieces. This time when I got a email requesting to draw my girls I took a deep breath and I answered yes. I took the leap into the unknown, not knowing how this would go I left fear and anxiety at the door blasted my music and dove in. I found myself loving the process. I received the photo of the girls together and got loads of inspiration from it. I like to have the client think of words or a quote that resinates with them. In the end I was blown away at the appreciation for my piece. It was personal to them, it was something they couldn't buy in a store it was a piece just for their family. The encouragement just continued when I got a second request to do a piece of two middle school girls who are best friends since a young age.Thanks to the internet they saw my first piece and recognized the sisters. This time it was a surprise birthday gift for a 12 year old. The email I got from the birthday girls mother of the gift. "Oh your the artist my daughter loved the gift so." I didn't realize the reaction of the recipients of my artwork would mean so much to me. Fast forward I am now finishing a portrait of a one year old baby. Pastels and fluffy unicorns. Another request from a old high school friend who is engaged. I am sketching a motorcycle and a love story. My girly art has gone way beyond what I expected to do.

I hope to continue this journey and my courage has only kept growing. When a call for artist went out to do a butterfly installation for the town I entered. I now am doing a installation of a sculpture butterfly for the town. I have seven days to complete the art. My theme is Mother Nature and the four elements of the earth. They will be installed at the community parks in Westfield NJ. I will definately blog my undertaking of this.

As the world keeps showing new unimaginable events our way I refuse to live my life through daily

headlines of the news. The relentless posts of bickering back and forth. Instead I will live around my faith of the good in people. I know it is there in every facet of life and I will use all my energy into the good. I thank those that have reached out. You will never know what you have done for me and my family. You gave me hope. Hope that there is a better tomorrow.

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