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My Childhood Home

This last post is a special one. It is here that I grew up. My childhood home. Over the years the kitchen and bathroom got redone. The outside is not canary yellow anymore but brick. The attic got transformed to another living area and the backyard no longer has a pool but a gazebo. The best part is the home with the brick exterior is known as grandma and grandpas house. The attic that was forever a dream to be redone for my sister room right before she went away to college. It is the grandchildren's favorite place to sleepover and have a floor all to themselves. The kitchen although now modern white and black still has the same smell of my moms sauce and meatballs. The living room still holds all the memories of family in a million frames even though the wallpaper is all gone from the past. This home is the place where I learned about love and family. My father's garden is amazing and just got bigger and better as the years go by and I know his flowers were my biggest challenge. There was no way I could fit them all in. This was the house that allowed me to draw on paper all over the kitchen floor. It is the house where my friends were all welcomed and creativity was also encourages that and a homemade cookie. It is where me and my friend had a barbie wedding and my mom gave us rice to throw and make it authentic. It is a house where I was encourage to go after my dreams. It was this house that I couldn't wait to bring my boyfriend at the time (now husband) to meet my parents. It is the house that when I was pregnant and on bedrest we temporarily moved into to help with the other three toddlers while I stayed bed. It is the house that Bert and Elinore Harmon raised two daughters and taught us about home. It is the best portrait I have done this year. Without this home I would not be the person I am today. I thank you mom and dad for all you have taught me. What really makes a home is the people who live in it. Although many updates were made throughout the years. This home is special because of all the memories it holds. Merry Christmas.


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