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Grandpa's Garden

You would think that a pandemic would have made someone make a garden like this. Grandpa is no stranger to having an abundant overflowing garden. He grows his seeds in his basement in Staten Island NY. No big greenhouse here. He does have heated lamps. There are always some experiments happening and he will tell you how he turned a twig or leaf into an amazing plant. He is known for wondering around home depot and pointing out "you know how much they are charging for that!" Grandpa would state I have two huge trees I started from scratch. If I am purchasing flowers I can't let my dad know he will comment how overpriced those plants were. This Garden I think at a time when the world was on lockdown gave him something to maintain as normal. His routine of caring for the plants never ceased. In uncertain and unpredictable times. There was one thing for certain. Grandpa was still to be found in the Garden.

Where does my art come from? I don't have to look far. The way my dad arranges plants and cares for his flowers is like a painter making a stroke with nature. It is a true art form. My mother also is a amazing cook and baker ( might have to do a separate blog on that) Between the way she puts a recipe together and he prunes a tree. I got the right mix of DNA to become a artist. Here is the many flowers growing in my Fathers Garden. I know he misses the chatter his Garden gets and he loves to talk with the neighbors. It has to be killing him to not interact so much. ( I know he is breaking the rules and probably chatting away as he waters his plants outside. Maybe this pandemic has showed some of us what we knew all along not all is lost when you are asked to slow down and smell a rose and admire its beauty. Some of us have been living like this on a daily basis. Grandpa is one of them. I hope you enjoy a peek into his Garden. World wide Pandemic couldn't stop his garden. I just got to make sure Grandpa doesn't plant those mysterious seeds from China!

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