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May your Journey always bring you Home

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while. While walking in my neighborhood this summer I was trying to find the good in every day. Too much of the negative is being shown on the news, in the newspaper headlines or even on social media.

I like to find the good. When I first moved to Westfield in 2008 I was newly married and full of optimism. It was me and my husband we were both commuting to work and felt invincible. We found a small home in Westfield and decided that we could take on the wall to wall carpet and wallpaper and turn this gem into our own. Previous medical issues of tumors on my ovaries (non cancerous thank god) and several operations I was told no babies were likely in my future. I was in love and we were both working 24/7 and decided our quaint little house in Westfield would be the perfect home for two. Commuting to NYC I just took a huge promotion and I found myself throwing up in the bathroom. My previous medial issues had caused me to do this. This was usually the first sign of another tumor forming. It took a er visit to find out no tumors this time I was pregnant. We closed on our house in Westfield that year and thought well this little home did have room for a nursery. From there my life took a 360. I have been pregnant for four years in a row. Somehow my body decided one baby was not enough. Two boys and Two girls later

I left that big promotion as creative director and I became a full time mom. I think when you don't expect to have things in your life you cherish them even more when you get them. What was once incomprehensible I was now over blessed with a family of Six. Back to my little house. The children made the renovations stop and we made due with bunk beds and the toy room never got finished it seemed to be in every room of the house. Years later we did over the kitchen and bathroom and when I look back as much as I love my new kitchen and bathroom. I would go back to the yellow tub and wall to wall wood cabinets for my babies back little. I now have two middle schoolers and two elementary children. We are still in our little house.

We dream of doing a addition someday but the years seem to be flying by. With a summer to do nothing but stay at home we wandered around the neighborhood on daily walks. I admired the window boxes full of flowers. The unique circle door on one house. The stone work of another. At the time I was doing people portraits. I found time to work on my website and was sketching everyday. On one family walk my daughter suggested I draw our house. So I went home did a little sketch painted it and decided to post it offering home portraits. I never expected the response I got. I think in the pandemic there is one thing everyone has learned to be grateful for and that is home and family. I know I have. All the imperfections. My family has been tested financially covid has hit us hard. We were all healthy and that was the true blessing.Two children who are immune compromised I don't take it lightly. I came out of my shell and put myself out there with my art and the community responded. I have been so blessed by everyone wanting a unique home portrait. I am forever grateful that during these unprecedented times I have found the Good. I have enjoyed painting all these unique homes. I have had my children and husband cheer for me every ding of my phone for another home request. I am honored to say I am booked until Feb 1. I am now getting request for holiday gifts so I am giving gift certificates so people can give with the date I will begin their home portrait. In the end the best part is sharing my art to the community. The joy this has brought into my little home is immense and I am forever grateful!


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