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Blessings in Life

2019 I got hit hard with the flu. I had all these plans I made on Christmas break 2018. I had my planner I had deadlines set for myself and I was in control. Leave it to a flu to knock me off my feet so violently my husband had to take a week off of work to help out. I literally could not function. It has been a while since I had the flu. Yes my whole family had flu shots in September. It didn't stop this beast from affecting all of us except my husband and oldest son. It is now feb. I feel like I have lost 5 weeks of my life. What happened to me during my flu episode. I found myself just laying in bed, I didn't want to watch tv or read or draw. My planner that was meticulously filled out was now non existent. I actually started counting my blessings. God I swear make me better I won't complain about trivial things anymore. Like cleaning this house. The loads of non forgiving amounts of laundry. The constant grocery shopping and chores. I will be grateful for the ability to walk, breath and be with my family. I think of all the people that have real health issues and life is like the flu everyday and how do they cope? I still would love to promote my art and dedicate time to it but I realize it is the simpler things we take for granted. The flu really hit me over the head to say slow down I was in complete exhaustion and for what. Really where are we all going? What is the rush and a house should be lived in not a showroom. I began to question my filled out planner of all the things I needed to do. I realize what was missing was reading with my daughter or son. Listening to people I love.

I found old videos of my kids while lying in bed and it was before the big kitchen renovation. Toys were everywhere living room had the old couch but you know it was fine. Back then all i focused on was how i needed to fix the house. I would give up dare I say my new kitchen to have my snuggly babies piled on top of me again in the old kitchen with the old couch.

The flu has passed I have my energy back finally. I can tackle the never ending laundry more importantly I am just trying to enjoy life and not get so stressed about trivial things. It is definitely a work in progress. Every time I sigh about the housework, I try to remember being too weak to get out bed. Thank God for allowing me to be home with my children... dirty laundry and all.

Back to my planner I am trying to take time for my art. Here is my latest assignment. A journal cover with geraniums. Hoping to post more of my art and a not so perfect home soon!

Here is to carving out the blessings in life we take for granted.


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