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Betty Crocker

I have enrolled in a art course online. It runs every year for about Five months. The assignments are always fun and it is a nice portfolio builder. The community of artist that participates is a great asset. I taught college classes and went to art school and it still baffles me how the same assignments can result in different approaches. This makes it refreshing, seriously if everyone painted a apple the same what fun would that be.

So lets see where I am at in life. I am in the middle of a renovation my kitchen and bath. Four children who are ages nine and eight, seven and six. This is our last year in kindergarten. I will have a dream kitchen thanks to my husband who has put all his energy to getting this done. Time constraints he had to hand the project over to a construction company but his efforts are not forgotten. My house is a 1932 house in a great neighborhood but with a lot of work that needs to be done. Anything in life that comes too easy I feel isn't appreciated. I will be forever grateful for my new kitchen sink and kitchen floor that yes I myself will mop and do dishes in.

I mention this because I have been researching Betty Crocker images. The housewife of the fifties and some illustrations show the wife making this perfect meal with a pressed apron and lipstick on. I know how women do not want to just be seen as a home maker. Sometimes it is a financial necessity to work. It is also a desire. I have to say after being on both sides. I relish in having a home cook meal, Setting a table and being able to pick my children up and talk to them after a day at school. I also love working on a design proposal and have that sense of accomplishment in my art work.

Happy medium.... Happy medium.... where are you? We live in a age where we are on electronic devices most of the time and the disconnect between families is apparent. Nannies and aupairs fill the schools on special events. I am not saying it is wrong but I wonder how much are we now missing as a family unit. Looking at these old photos their is a sense of nostalgia in them that I long for in this fast paced society where everyone is trying to get to......where exactly? A bigger house.. more things.. lavish vacations. Kids really want is their parents time. A game together, a shared snack and conversation and a hug. This is the connection I feel is gone today. Instead of hugs their is FaceTime, instead of conversation there is texting. No words now emojis replaced language.

Here is my art piece. I decided to get down and dirty and have fun with this one. a bit of watercolor, collage and digital work all combined. I had so much fun the end result is the modern Betty Crocker of today. Thanks to a new commission piece I will be working on a Brooklyn inspired piece next. Sketches to come soon of that project! Here is my Betty Crocker Book Cover.

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