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This was my Feb assignment. An illustration on Tasseology. I really haven't heard of this topic and thank god for google. It is really interesting to break it down simple... it is the reading of tea leaves. How the tea sets on the bottom of your cup after drinking says something about your life. The symbols all have meanings. I am a sucker for this type of stuff. I love symbols and meanings and this was a fun one. I decided to highlight the symbol of creativity. In the moment we are wrapping up a kitchen renovation that has been going for a while. Each phase comes to a close I am amazed how it transformed the room. I think I might have been the longest renovation in history.... there is something to be said for those that wait. The appreciation I will have once I am cooking my first meal in the space.

I am finishing up a commissioned piece on Brooklyn which I will share soon. Loving my calendar is filled up with art projects and reach out to me to schedule if you are interested in a owning a unique piece for your home.

Here is my latest piece. This is a book cover for a journal.

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